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Reborn Baby Girl Hailey
20 long
full legs, 3/4 arms
6lb5oz wght approx
(One Of A Kind)
All weights and measurements approximate
Payment /Postage
*Please contact me for any inquiries-details below!*

Cottage Lane Nursery...
Where little people are re-birthed
Introduces and welcomes this Beautiful Reborn Baby

This little reborn has:
*Hand rooted fine quality mohair
*Hand applied eyes / lashes
*Natural layered skin tones      
*Has a quality cloth body with fully rotatable limbs

~This process really is a labor of Love and passion for all things small & cute! After all, everyone loves little babies!~

****This little darling comes to you at a very comparable price! given he/she is a ''one of a Kind''****

These little darlings has been bought to life by me via the Genesis heat layering paint process.

* I use my artist skills, and planning in order to achieve a realistic outcome for my baby’s skin. Which includes blushing, mottling, capillary’s, and other little marks that baby’s have.

* When I am completely satisfied with the final layering and colouring, it is then time to do the pedicure and manicure of my “little bub’s” tiny fingers and toes.

*I like to use 2 layers of base coat, and then paint the nail before topping off with a final layer of varnish to protect and prevent chipping.

* I finish the final step by setting the paint & colour over the whole of the baby, with a Matt varnish, which can also help to protect and prevent shine.

I spend MANY, hours  of meticulously placing one or two hairs at a time into the head...in order to simulate the scalp of a real baby, resulting in a very real looking head of hair.

I root the hair to resemble natural curves, slight patches and growth of baby hair. eg: natural swirl at the crown

The hair is felted into the head and sealed on the inside. This enables light spritzing, spraying and styling.
Do take extreme care though as it is fine quality mohair, therefor not as strong as human hair. (in my opinion)
I have used a mixture of mohair & Alpacha/blond hair, with slight wave
which has been shampoo'd, conditioned and styled ready to care for.

The care, the smiles, the delight and endless hours work that I have put into this “dear little bub” has managed to produce the most beautiful & adorable almost real little baby...

My reborn baby dolls are collectors/heirloom Dolls, which can be passed down through the generations to come.
Not a toy for children & are known in the reborn world as an *OOAK*.
(one of a kind)

Ultra Glass beads
Glass tumbly beads
Quality Fiber fill
Lots of care and attention

~You can be comforted in the knowledge, that you are purchasing a baby doll of the highest quality and standards, when you purchase from ~Cottage Lane Nursery~
Thank you for viewing this little reborn..


* I can be contacted via the CONTACT PAGE link at the base of this listing
* All weights and measures are approximate
* You will receive all items pictured on your baby including:
* Clothing, & and nappy
* Bracelet (if applicable)
* Bunny Rug (not pictured)
* Birth Certificate, Duty of Care Instructions.
* I give you permission to keep any of the pics listed of this particular reborn if he/she becomes yours:)
* All other items pictured are used as my photography props

*I cannot be held responsible for your baby once it has left my ownership however, I will keep all postage documentation as proof of postage.*

* As a precautionary measure, I photograph your baby in his/her postage box prior to departure from my nursery*

* Please DO NOT tug on hand applied eye lashes! they are only held in place with a fine strip of adhesive...care should be taken when pulling clothes over the head!

If you are interested in purchasing please contact me by email.. (I will always reply asap)
Alternatively please use the PayPal checkout button.
I am happy to offer a lay-by plan which is for 8 weeks only!
I appreciate your time to view my website..
Thank you

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