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Reborn Doll Kit Lollipop  LTD. ED. 250 WW
length: 21" (depends on body used)
Limbs: 3/4 length
Body: INCLUDED in this purchase
COA:  INCLUDED in this purchase

(New Release for 2015) contact me for any further info
*Please contact me via Email: for purchasing instructions and shipping cost - more pictures and details below!*

I have created and produced this gorgeous little reborn doll and I bring her to you at a fantastic price!
Lollipop is a very versatile kit as can be either gender....as photos below will show

I am the creator and artist behind Cottage Lane Nursery
and I'm proud to Present to you my FOURTH realistic reborn doll kit *Lollipop*
This is the first time I have attempted an open eye sculpt
*Australia & World Wide:  Full Price: AUD $85 including a body  PLUS your postage!  

Beautiful soft natural color quality vinyl...easy to paint!

You can check my Ebay for sale items on my Auction Page here on the site.
You can contact me on the link to the contact page below, and thanks for visiting me here! Di  

''Lollipop'' has been sculpted by me (Relatively New Aussie sculptor in this field)

This is a *Limited Edition kit* of *250* World Wide! & will come with Certificate of Authenticity         .
*Has three quarters Limbs & Body to suit
*Length: 21 inches (depending on body used)
*Detailed photos shown, are of the completed, & unpainted kit

PROTOTYPE 4/#1 of edition by myself Di McGavigan Artist/ Sculptor ~Cottage Lane Nursery~

PROTOTYPE 3 by Reborn Artist Sheana Daley of ~Cuddlebub Babies Nursery~

PROTOTYPE 2 by Reborn Artist Cherie Banks of ~Cherie's Little Darlings~

PROTOTYPE 1 by Reborn Artist Cathy King of ~Angelic Lullabies Nursery~

~ Work In Progress Clay Sculpt before Vinyl Kit Production~.

~ This is what you are buying!...not a completed doll... but a Doll Kit!~.
Have fun bringing this kit to life! ....thank you for your time:)

~Quality made Reborn Doll Bodies to fit 20'' Reborn Doll~

If you are interested in purchasing please contact me by phone or email on below link. I will always respond!

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