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Now Selling Lollipop... My Doll Kit

Hello and welcome to Cottage Lane Nursery website!

My name is Di McGavigan and I create these special Reborn baby dolls. I’ve dabbled in various forms of arts and crafts for most of my life and I began reborning dolls because I just love little babies, and making people happy :)

Sweetie is one of my own doll sculpts.. (shown here on the right) I enjoy the added ability to be able to create a little reborn baby from clay and say ''I made another baby!''  

When I discovered the art of Reborning, I found that it encompasses everything that I love about babies, dolls & artistic ability! This is just like owning a real baby without the fuss!

When I first started with Reborning I knew exactly what I was looking for, and had seen many cheap dolls with shoddy workmanship during and doing my research.  A ''real'' reborn baby should look like an actual baby, good enough to fool the eye. It should never resemble a supermarket doll.  When reborn dolls are correctly made, they are a work of incredible and outstanding art!

The price may be high, but worth it. It is the execution and skill level of the work applied, that collectors are paying for and seeking out. Quality of work is worth every penny you pay, Reborn babies can run into the high hundreds to thousands of dollars, just like any other piece of artwork.

I have achieved my own technique now, which I feel makes all little reborn baby dolls from my nursery so lifelike and special.
I pride myself on the incredible detail & realism that I am able to achieve, & will strive to bring to you, the most life-like baby doll of highest quality!

I have completed many custom orders so am willing to help you if you should require your very own custom reborn baby doll. You can inquire via my *Contact Page* and...what a wonderful gift these little darlings make for that special someone.

Thank you for your time, Di

Introducing my ''Lollipop'' Reborn Doll Kit
*My first sculpting attempt at open eyes
*Available here on the ''My Doll Kit'' link above

Many hours are spent creating each and every little reborn baby doll. They are carefully hand painted with the finest detail of real life skin tones, blemishes, veins, even little scratches. The hair is micro rooted one or two hairs at a time, with highest quality mohair.

They are then put together,and weighted the correct weight, including floppy head fully poseable limbs,and a soft cuddly body. Finished & dressed ready for you. Just like a real baby. Buy or order your quality/custom life-like reborn doll here! My aim is to provide for you, excellent customer service**

I have been asked the question many times: How long and how much to make a reborn doll?….so I have given this considerable thought and time…resulting in an honest account of my personal costs and times and calculations, which resulted in the information listed below.  There are many other factors and costs involved in re-borning a baby doll. I have only outlined some here to give you a general idea as to what it is you are paying for with quality.

I can not personally, make a reborn baby for under **$405** and expect to make a profit! This has applied to me a number of times…leaving me out of pocket…but! I love the art!

I put about 50-60 hours work into each doll I make (excluding a full day of simply doing a photo shoot…and then many more hours editing and uploading to the net)

If …I were to charge just $10 a hour for my skill and countless hours of work , approximately 50 hours per each baby …that would add to the total above another $500.

So the next time you go in search of a reborn baby I hope you will remember to factor in these costs and all that goes into a top quality collectors heirloom doll.

#  TOTAL COST INCLUDING ONLY  SKILL: $405 PER REBORN. (plus you pay extra for your delivery )

#  TOTAL COST INCLUDING TIME AND SKILL: $905 PER REBORN. (plus you pay extra for your delivery )

Ideally this is what a professional reborn artist should be receiving for their time, ability, and dedication to excellent customer service

*** this is just a basic estimate of the bare minimum price on a baby, usually babies by the time they are completed cost me a considerable amount more, depending on various factors listed below…and… HERE IS WHY!

There are many other factors and costs involved in re-borning a baby doll. I have only outlined some here to give you a general idea as to what it is you are paying for with quality.

  • DOLL KIT ( average/minimum) $95 (after all taxes and shipping…some kits often shipped from over seas if not available here. The kits can cost from $75-$190and more….excluding toddler size dolls)
  • PAINT, TOOLS, SUPPLIES $30 (assuming that you already have the paints Cost per 1oz tub: $16-$28, brushes, spondes & q-tips mediums, thinners )
  • GLUES  $5 (two different kinds.)
  • FELTING NEEDLES: $5 (may cost more if you break or blunt them)
  • EYES: $20 (including lashes, felt and glue)
  • QUALITY MOHAIR-$45-$55 an ounce! (a doll may use between 1/3 to 1/2 to even over 2 ounces depending on desired look).I do not use cheap mohair!
  • BODY: $20  (some cost up to $35 )
  • NYLONS: $3 (to contain beads)
  • GLASS BEADS: $38 …estimated on a 5 pound baby. This item is also very expensive to ship due to the weight!
  • SHIPPING BOX/WRAPS: $10 (plastic bags, tape, paperwork, laminating, certificates, photos, inks, bubble wrap ect..)
  • OUTFIT: $70 minimum for one exclusive dress set! (explanation below)
  • DISPOSABLE NAPPY $1 (disposable)
  • SOCKS: $4
  • SHOES  $7-15
  • CABLE TIES: $2 (five ties)
  • MAGNETS:  $4  (with dummy and hair accessory…if used!)
  • BUNNY RUG: $4-8
  • POWER: $25  (baking one doll can take from 5 to 15 bakes in electric oven)

A well arranged outfit shows off the work that has been put into the reborn baby doll, and the care taken by the artist in the completion details of their work.


I generally break down my outfit budget cost at approx:$70 for just one good set! is why:
I am very particular about the clothes of each baby. If  I order a dress online (most of my outfits are shipped to me as I can’t find what I am exactly looking for locally)
  • I expect to pay at least $55 to $105  dollars plus postage!.
  • (I like dresses to include matching bloomers, a bonnet/or head band)
  • Then there is added cost of a Nappy, Cloth nappy and pin
  • Baby singlet/onesie $3-$10
  • Either socks and /or shoes
  • I may choose to add to this a knit sweater,  Bib, or some jewellery...each item adds up.
  • Romper
  • Singlet or Onesie nightie
  • Casual set
  • Bib
  • Hair/head accessory
  • Baby bracelet
  • Certificate, photos and duty of care certificate (laminated)
  • Business card
  • Drawstring Bag to hold dummy and small accessories
  • Booties
This is all part of my overall commitment to high quality. I have high standards on every aspect of my dolls,  and a cautious collector will know exactly what they are looking for. If the price is just too good to be true, then follow your instincts.